Fertility Massage


What is Fertility Massage?


Fertility Massage is a unique and effective massage protocol, including fertility awareness, cleansing therapies and visualizations that Claire Marie Miller developed through her own experience of consciously conceiving her daughter Jessica Hope in 1984. 

Following years of demonstration models who conceived shortly after receiving a fertility massage during the workshop, it was expanded into a full stand-alone training for massage therapists.  Even though many of these students were told that they'd never conceive, after receiving a fertility massage often a student did conceive within one to two cycles.


Does Fertility Massage have success rates?

This fertility massage is now being used by many of Claire’s certified therapists with great success. Ann Marie Dameon, who took the Charlotte workshop in 2004, reported in her first year that 10 of 12 women she has used this protocol on have successfully conceived. Brian Federal from Charlotte reported immediately after the workshop successful conception and pregnancies for 2 of the 3 women he massaged. The Mom Spa owner Christy Schachte, of Charleston, SC has reported over 30 positive outcomes since taking the class in 2007, from women who were told there was nothing else that the fertility clinics could do for them. Lisa Boyd of Michigan reported that she took the course to help two of her clients who were struggling with infertility; both women conceived and credit her with helping. Lisa feels the emotional/spiritual aspect that she was taught in the Fertility Massage course opened her up to her own son’s entry into the world.


Who should receive Fertility Massage?
  • Couples preparing to conceive with conscious awareness

  • Couples who have been actively trying to conceive and want the support to open the body to the energy of conception

  • Couples who are using assisted reproductive technology either supplementations, Intrauterine insemination (IUI) or invitrofertilization (IVF)

  • Couples who are open to learning to do the fertility massage techniques. Claire recommends that couples be taught how to massage each other with this protocol, so that they may receive this therapeutic session more often. This will also serve to strengthen their bonds as they enter into creating and expanding their family.


What to Expect in a Session
  • A relaxing castor oil pack and instructions on how to create and use a pack at home for cleansing the digestive system and dissolving adhesions, cysts

  • Calming and centering cranial-sacral holds for balancing and centering

  • Integrative Reflexology® for fertility, stimulating reproductive areas, endocrine glands and the digestive system

  • Deep pelvic work to break up adhesions and increase blood to all pelvic organs

  • Shiatsu points to increase the chi (energy) through the reproductive areas

  • Fertility wisdom - includes knowledge about timing and awareness for potential conception

  • Specific aromatherapy for optimal hormonal functioning

  • Visualization techniques for tuning in and opening up the conception channel

  • It is best not to receive this work when menstruating or possibly pregnant. Please discuss with your therapist the best timing for appointments


The Benefits you may Experience in a Fertility Massage
  • Cleansing the digestive system

  • Balancing the cranial-sacral alignment

  • Balancing hormones through Integrative Reflexology® techniques that stimulate the reproductive areas and endocrine glands

  • Breaking up pelvic adhesions and congestion

  • Increased circulation through the pelvis

  • Deep relaxation and stress reduction

  • Knowledge of ovulation timing


Fertility Massage for Men

There is also Fertility Massage protocol for the male counterpart of the couple looking to conceive.  Techniques include: castor oil packs, cranial sacral holds, integrative reflexology, shiatsu point work, and aromatherapy. (Please refer to “What to Expect in a Session” for further explanation.)



Your First Fertility Massage


Part 1

Schedule and attend a 30 minute consultation


Part 2

First Fertility Massage Session (Scheduled at consultation)




120 minute: $180
90 minute: $150
60 minute: $120
90 minute: $135
60 minute: $105