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Chakra Balancing


15 or 30 minute Chakra Balancing Sessions

Chakras (Cha-kruh) are energy centers in the body that affect our mental, emotional and physical states. There are 7 main Chakras and they are in constant states of change. They can be balanced or unbalanced (blocked, overactive, underactive). The therapist uses hands on each Chakra to feel the status of each and brings in energy from the universe to help balance them. The energy goes to exactly where the person receiving the balancing needs and helps to support a state where healing can occur.

Results can be dramatic or subtle, can happen immediately or gradually. Every person and every session is different. Being open and accepting to the universal healing helps brings the best results.

These services are perfect for those who want an energy “tune-up”, for those who want relaxation benefits, but don’t like massage, and those who are new to energy healing.

**Clients remain dressed during the service and are typically face down for the entire service.




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